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1. I would like to submit my sample pack / loop kit / drum kit / preset bank to your website. What should I do?
If you would like to sell a sample pack / loop / drum kit or preset bank on our Shop ( us an email . We will send you the instructions and requirements.
2. I would like to buy [TRACK TITLE] from [PRODUCER NAME]. Where can I do that?
This is the Traktrain website, we are the platform for selling beats. Please go to their profile and click the "message" button on their profile.
3. I bought a beat but never recieved it, no notification/download letter on the email. What can I do?
Please check your spam folder, because sometimes letter with beats might be sent there. If that will not help - please provide your PayPal email, full track title and Traktrain profile URL you bought it from to [email protected] . We will check it out as soon as possible and help you.
4. I got a problem with my account / profile / subscription, can you help me?
Please provide details to [email protected] , also please provide your PayPal email and Traktrain profile URL. We will help you asap.
5. I received an email showing I sold a lease and the money did not show up in my PayPal, why?
It could be a Stripe payment. Check your Stripe account or your card balance. It takes a few days to transfer money from Stripe. Up to 6-7 days for the first transfer, up to 1-2 days for the next. Check your SPAM / PROMO folder. If you have no Stripe account and the purchase was made through PayPal, please provide details to [email protected] , also please provide your PayPal email and Traktrain profile URL. We will help you asap.
6. Something isn’t working properly on the website (ex. buttons won’t work, elements show up inappropriately, web player doesn’t work, download button gives no effect).
Please provide details to [email protected] on this problem. Have you tried it from a computer? Is your browser up to date? Have you tried switching off AdBlock extensions? Do you have JavaScript enabled on it? Let us know which browser you're using and the version. And please provide some screenshots of this issue appearing, this would be very helpful.
7. I would like to submit my track to the Traktrain Stations. How can I do that and what are the terms?
For every beat we put on the stations, we take 20% of the sale but ONLY beats that are on the stations. If a buyer hears a beat of yours and goes to your page and buys something else you keep 100% of that sale so it's like another way of advertising. If still interested, please email [email protected] and tell us that you agree to our terms and in the email let us know how many beat(s) we can put on the stations and pls provide your traktrain url.
8. I received the beat but got no license agreement attachment inside it? Where can I find it? May I use it for commercial purpose? Does it have any limits? If I lease a beat that says unlimited copies can be sold, can I get streams with the song too?
As a standard, we provide simple terms for each type of beat. You can find them in the download email you get from us. The terms vary per producer so if your questions are not answered from their public terms, please contact the producer to have your questions answered.
9. I have an account, but can’t seem to find the section where I can review my PayPal information. Where can I find it?
You can find this information (not available for customers).
10. How can I get a refund from a beat I purchased?
The money spent on beats goes directly to the producer. We do not recieve the funds to give you a refund. Please contact PayPal or Stripe on this issue, start the dispute process if needed. but PLEASE contact the producer first and try to resolve it with them.
11. Is there ever gonna be an app for your platform? Will there be more languages on the platform? How about rankings?
All 3 of these features are in the works.
12. Can I sell exclusives with the free plan?
Yes, but since our server bills will now increase from the bigger file, we take a 25% fee.
13. I downloaded the beat / stems but it doesn’t open / won’t unpack / computer says files are damaged. Can you help me?
Please forward the download link letter you got from us to [email protected] we will check it out quickly and help you.
14. Is there a way to share an individual track using a link?
If you select the track you want the direct link to, look at the url address. It will change followed by a # sign.
15. What is every feature you get with a paid account versus a free account?
Please check out this page.
16. Does Traktrain have any fees?
Traktrain takes a 0% commission when you buy or sell an MP3 beat. The only fees are PayPal and Stripe fees.
17. Is Traktrain free?
Traktrain is 100% free for users who have less than 15 beats uploaded. If you want to upload more beats or gain access to Traktrain’s special features, you can upgrade your account here.
18. How can I purchase beats via credit card?
If you want to make a purchase with a credit card, all of the beats in your shopping cart have to be from the same producer and the producer must accept card payments. If the producer supports card payments, you will see a purple credit card icon next to “payment methods” when you add a beat to your shopping cart. Unfortunately, this restriction is imposed on us by the Stripe payment platform. We are currently looking for a solution to this problem. If you want to know more about Stripe, visit their official website.
19. What will happen if I cancel my membership? Will my tracks over the limit be deleted?
No, your tracks will not be deleted; however, we will take a 25% sales commission (including MP3 leases) from tracks over the 15-beat limit. If you renew your paid membership, the commission will return to 0%.
20. I don’t know how to download the beat from my mobile device, is this possible?
Currently the only way to download your purchase is from desktop / computer browser. We’re working on development of the platform 24/7 so in the future this feature will be available.