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AUG 21, 2014

Dom Kennedy & Skeme - If It Don't Make Money

Joey Fatts & A$AP Rocky - Keep It G | P. Cardo

Travi$ Scott, Big Sean & The 1975 - Don't Play

Chet Faker - Gold

Spooky Black - dj khaled is my father
'The Simpsons' Kicks off 278-Hour Marathon
8 hours ago
Every episode ever of The Simpsons will run back-to-back on FXX starting Thursday, Aug. 21, and we caught up with the show's cast and producers before the 278-hour marathon.

In the 25 seasons that it's been on the air, The Simpsons' list of guest stars reads like a who's who of Hollywood. Everyone from Michael Jackson to Ricky Gervais to Paul McCartney has been immortalized on the animated comedy, but executive producer Al Jean told us that there was one person who refused to be featured on the show -- Jon Bon Jovi!
"Maybe it's because we covered him with spaghetti," said Jean. The episode called for the singer to be covered in spaghetti, as Bon Jovi's father has a line of tomato sauces called Bongiovi.
Even with the Jon Bon Jovi rebuffing, the show remains popular, and Jean filled us in on the secret to the show's success.
"Despite the fact that it's an animated property, the stories The Simpsons tell are very relatable," said Jean. (Read More)

DJ Skee Launches DASH Radio Following "Radio Sucks" Comment
1 day ago
DJ Skees DASH Radio is a commercial-free Internet-radio platform.

DJ Skee launched his DASH Radio today (August 19). The Internet-radio platform is available on Apple iOS, Google Android and mobile web does not feature commercials. Its backers include such investors as Epic Records executive L.A. Reid and Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

“Radio was the first social network, the first time people really listened together,” DJ Skee says during an interview with Billboard. "And we want to bring that feeling back, but with more freedom than what FM and satellite can offer."

DASH is set to start with 50 stations and is slated to add new stations weekly. The stations will feature Hip Hop, R&B, Indy Rock, International, Kids, Video Gamers, Teen Pop, EDM, Alternative, Latin and Country programming.

On the Rap front, Strange Music, 1580 KDAY, XXL and Skee 24/7 are in the first wave of partner stations featured on DASH.

Last week, DJ Skee announced that he was quitting radio because he said it "sucks."
(Read More)

SMH Records Owners Offer Jay Z $15 Million To Produce His Next Album
2 days ago
Jonathan Hay and Michael Smith say they are willing to pay $15 million to produce an album for Jay Z titled "Continuity."

Jonathan Hay and Michael Smith, co-owners of SMH Records, have upcoming work with Crooked I, Horseshoe Gang and Pink Grenade, but they've also got their sights on another rapper.

"We want to produce for Jay Z," Hay says during an interview with YoRaps. "It would be a dream of mine for us to produce a Jay Z album. It would be even more of a dream if we were the only producers for the entire album. We could call the album Continuity and really stretch Jay Z's sound musically while still keeping it Hip Hop. I’m going to put this out in the universe, we would give Jay Z $15 million upfront to produce it."

Smith agrees with his business partner.

"I will write Jay Z a check for $15 million today as an advance for us to produce an album for him," Smith adds.

Beyond offering to work with Jay Z, the production duo also says there has been speculation of actor Johnny Depp being involved with SMH.

"People speculate Johnny Depp’s involvement because his nephew, Billy Rassel, is involved with Pink Grenade," Hay says. "We are all fans of Depp and the art he brings to his characters through film that inspires all of us. With or without Depp, we genuinely love having Billy Rassel on our team. He’s a rising industry star." (Read More)

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