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OCT 24, 2014

Girl Talk and Freeway feat A$AP Ferg - Suicide

TĀLĀ - Alchemy

Childish Gambino - Telegraph Ave

A$AP Rocky - Multiply | P. Curtis Heron

Flying Lotus - Never ft. Kendrick Lamar
Rick Ross Debuts 100 Pound Weight Loss
15 hours ago
Rapper Rick Ross sent fans into a frenzy when he recently posted pics on Instagram showing off his new slimmed down figure. According to some estimates, Ross has lost AT LEAST 100 pounds!

Back in May, Ross spoke with Tim Westwood about how previous health scares made him change his diet and start working out.

“The most I used to do for exercise was stand up to count the money. Now they give me fruit to eat, I forgot what fruit tasted like. I eat pears now and shit like that. Shout out to all the pear [eaters].”

Ross also revealed that he eats the way he wants to eat (yes, that means lemon pepper wangs!) … but to stay in shape, he does cross fit, which he calls “Ross Fit,” and it appears to be paying off so far.

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Chief Keef reportedly dropped from Interscope Records
1 day ago
In a move that's sure to elicit hosannas from Your One Friend Who's Into Real Hip-Hop, AllHipHop.com is reporting today that 19-year-old Keith "Chief Keef" Cozart has been dropped from his Interscope Records deal after clashes with label brass about future releases and a string of high-profile incidents, ranging from lawsuits to drug offenses. According to the site's report, the rapper's move to Los Angeles (where Interscope is located) pushed the whole thing over the edge:
“Keef and his people tried to keep the label accountable (once Keef moved to Los Angeles) but Interscope didn’t seem interested in dropping a new album. Keef’s team tried to have formal meetings but nothing moved,” an anonymouse source told AllHipHop. Additionally, there was some left over bad blood stemming from how Chief Keef’s first album "Finally Rich" was marketed and promoted. Insiders say friction intensified until there were arguments with higher-ups in Interscope over how Keef’s career was being handled. Shortly thereafter, Keef was quietly released from his contract, sources said."
Easily the highest-profile signing of Chicago's 2012 rap boom, Keef's consistent issues definitely hampered what was a white-hot start that included appearances from 50 Cent and Rick Ross on his debut album and Kanye West remixing his anthem "Don't Like" for the G.O.O.D Music "Cruel Summer" compilation in 2013.
Keef's representatives could not be reached for comment.
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Drake Responds To Kevin Hart Jokes About Airball
2 days ago
Drake included hashtags like #IPlayTennis and #TheLightsWereBright as excuses for his airball during a college basketball warm-up.

While warming up with the University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball team at the program’s opening practice on Friday (October 17), Drake was filmed shooting an airball by ESPN cameras on-hand. Poking fun at the miss, Kevin Hart took to his Instagram account to taunt the rapper with a video of the attempt overlaid with Drake’s own recent lyrical brag about being “Steph Curry with the shot.”

Hart’s Instagram post, which ends with a short clip of his own stand-up material, includes hashtags like #WhyIsHeInFulluniform, #CanadaHatesThatHeDidThis, and, #DrakeMakesBadDecisions.

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