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OCT 26, 2014

Low Pros - 100 Bottles ft. Travi$ Scott

Girl Talk and Freeway feat A$AP Ferg - Suicide

TĀLĀ - Alchemy

Childish Gambino - Telegraph Ave

A$AP Rocky - Multiply | P. Curtis Heron
Earn a College Degree from Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine
14 hours ago

Dr. Dre and Beats co-founder and former Interscope Records chairman Jimmy Iovine have started their own school within the University of Southern California -- the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy. The four-year college program will accept 25-30 students each year and grant a unique Bachelors of Science in the Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation.

After discovering and nurturing music superstars like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and 50 Cent, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine have embarked on a new mission to find even more talent – only this time it won’t be hip-hop artists, but instead world-changing entrepreneurs. In order to find like-minded inviduals, Iovine and Dre felt the need to help train the next generation of innovators. They quickly reached an agreement with USC President Max Nikias and donated a combined $70 million to establish the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for the Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation. We met Academy participant and HYPETRAK reader Arjun Mehta (Twitter: @arjunkmehta), who gave us some first-hand impression on this innovative program.

As a USC freshman in the inaugural class, I’m stoked to share my experience at the Iovine Young Academy because of how Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre are completely disrupting the traditional model of college education in the best way possible. Over the next three years, the thirty-one of us will go through a rigorous multidisciplinary program learning visual design, computer programming, audio production, communications, and business. A typical day in my academic life this first semester consists of analyzing the practices of innovative companies, learning my way around Adobe After Effects, building a 3D geometric cardboard model using Adobe Illustrator and a laser cutter, and working on a PowerPoint slide deck for a potential product. During our senior year, we will partake in minimal coursework and are encouraged to put our freshly learned skills into action by beginning to build revolutionary products and launch companies. In an interview with New York Times last year, Iovine said, “If the next start-up that becomes Facebook happens to be one of our kids, that’s what we are looking for.”
We see Jimmy and Dre, as we affectionately like to call them, from time to time. In late August, we went on a “field trip” to Jimmy’s home for a backyard BBQ where we met with him, Dr. Dre, will.i.am, and others. Two weeks ago, Jimmy visited our on-campus workspace and checked out some of the class projects we’ve been working on. In addition, for one of our classes titled “Innovator’s Roundtable,” we present products and solutions to people like Ian Rogers, CEO of Beats Music, and Rodney Mullen, widely known as the godfather of skateboarding. However, being a student at the Academy has perks beyond just opportunities to interact with accomplished individuals. We have access to top-of-the-
line 3D printers, laser cutters, industry-grade software, and a comprehensive fabrication workshop – everything we could possibly ask for.
Despite all of this, I believe without a doubt that the best part of the Academy is the students. The school has done an excellent job at attracting a solid group of brilliant yet highly genuine, down-to-earth kids for the first class, and it truly is an honor to work with them everyday and join them on this journey. While each and every one of my classmates is amazing in their own distinct ways, we are all connected by a simple desire to build cool stuff that will make the world a better place.
If you still have college application season down the road and feel that you’re creative, entrepreneurial, and tend to “think outside the box,” the Iovine Young Academy just might be a good fit for you.

- Arjun Mehta
Class of 2018
B.S. Candidate – Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation

About the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for the Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation:

With a visionary gift from music-industry leaders Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young, the University of Southern California is establishing a new academy to inspire innovative, entrepreneurial thought in business, design, marketing and the arts.

Conceived as a collaborative environment that brings multidisciplinary students, instructors and professional mentors together, the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation will be a transformational presence on one of the nation’s most dynamic university campuses.

The focus is on invention and conceptual thinking, drawing on the talents and influences of leaders from across industries to empower the next generation of disruptive inventors and professional thought leaders across a multitude of global industries.
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Mac Miller to Sign label to Warner Bros Records
1 day ago
Mac Miller has reportedly signed a deal with Warner Bros worth close to $10 million dollars. The pittsburgh rapper has been unattached to a major label this year, growing his own independent label Remember Music and developing a self-released tape Faces instead. The new deal will allow Miller to sign new artists under his original Remember imprint. Miller outlined his reasoning for signing with Warner in an email to The FADER: “Warner is the most independent thinking company I met with” says Miller. He continued, “it is a partnership I can focus on building my label Remember through music and let them handle everything I don’t like doing.” (Read More)

Rick Ross Debuts 100 Pound Weight Loss
2 days ago
Rapper Rick Ross sent fans into a frenzy when he recently posted pics on Instagram showing off his new slimmed down figure. According to some estimates, Ross has lost AT LEAST 100 pounds!

Back in May, Ross spoke with Tim Westwood about how previous health scares made him change his diet and start working out.

“The most I used to do for exercise was stand up to count the money. Now they give me fruit to eat, I forgot what fruit tasted like. I eat pears now and shit like that. Shout out to all the pear [eaters].”

Ross also revealed that he eats the way he wants to eat (yes, that means lemon pepper wangs!) … but to stay in shape, he does cross fit, which he calls “Ross Fit,” and it appears to be paying off so far.

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