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JAN 17, 2017

Traktrain Play ~ Now & Later

The Weeknd - Party Monster | P. Ben Billions

Traktrain Play ~ Shake Down

Migos - T-Shirt | P. Nard & B

lil peep & horsehead - girls | P. dirty vans
Cash Money Sued Over Missing Drake Profits

By Mallory Chin

According to a report from Pitchfork, Aspire Music group filed a lawsuit against Cash Money Records for profits from Drake. Aspire claims to have signed Drake in 2008 and also claims to have signed a deal with Cash Money the following year to split profits for any commercial exploitation of the Canadian rapper. Additionally, Aspire is being sued by James “Jas” Prince who claims to have discovered Drake. Prince is also suing Aspire Music Group’s Co-owner Derrick Lawrence and his company On The Road for Drake’s profits.

The lawsuit is the latest in a string of legal issues for Cash Money, which is involved in several lawsuits regarding the fractured relationship with Lil Wayne, who has also alleged that the label won’t provide accounting figures. Wayne has threatened repeatedly to leave the label and take Drake and fellow Young Money signee Nicki Minaj with him, though “Birdman” has held firm that that won’t happen. Check out the full report, and a transcript of the legal documents here. (Read More)

Nintendo Reveals Details, Price And Release Date For Upcoming Switch Console

By Carver Low

Nintendo's next console is coming very soon.

We don’t report on video games all that often, but when a new console is in the works we can’t leave y’all hanging. Nintendo has been teasing the release of the Nintendo Switch for some time now, and just revealed a bunch of information on the upcoming sequel to the Nintendo Wii U.

The Nintendo Switch can operate as either a handheld device or be docked and hooked up to a standard television via HDMI. The 6.2-inch handheld device boasts a 720p touch-screen display. The console comes with a measly 32GB of memory, but storage can be expanded with MicroSD cards. The game cartridges Nintendo was first associated with are back too, albeit in a much smaller size.

As a handheld, the console will only get 2.5-6 hours of battery life on a charge, but uses a universal USB-C charger which should help dampen the concerns over such a short battery life.

The biggest reveal? The console is less than two months away from launching. It will release worldwide on March 3 with a new Legend of Zelda game. Retail is a relatively affordable $299.99. (Read More)

Kanye West's main focus right now is reportedly his Yeezy 5 line.

By Kevin Goddard

Now that he’s out of the hospital and things are looking up with the family (see yesterday’s moving video here), Kanye West looks to be getting back in grind mode. According to report by Page Six, Kanye West has been working hard on his upcoming Yeezy 5 line, and apparently has “another apparel line” in the works.

A close source told Page Six that ‘Ye has been “going 100 miles per hour with work,” concentrating on both his music & fashion career. However, the source also said that 'Ye has toned down the meetings & has been trying to make his schedule a little less hectic.

Unfortunately, there’s still no time table as for when either Yeezy 5 or his next album will arrive, but you can be sure the roll out for them will be a spectacle.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on any dates or other information regarding the Yeezy 5 line moving forward, but just know it's coming. Stay tuned. (Read More)

Google Reportedly Interested In Buying SoundCloud For $500 Million

By Carver Low

An acquisition by one of the streaming music giants seemed inevitable, but late last year Spotify bailed on plans to buy SoundCloud for a reported $1 billion due to the platform’s lack of profitability (among other things). However, SoundCloud may have a new suitor: digital giant Google.

Music Business Worldwide is reporting that SoundCloud has lowered its asking price to $500 million, and the favorite to purchase the platform is none other than Google. It’s unclear what immediate plans Google would have for the platform. The search giant already has a streaming service in Google Play Music, although their subscriber numbers are kept private. SoundCloud has over 175 million users worldwide.

Examining a financial filing from last month, MBW confirmed that several major labels have invested in SoundCloud. According to rough estimates, Universal owns a four percent stake, Sony owns a three percent stake and Warner owners a two percent stake. If SoundCloud sold for the reported $500 million, Universal would get $20 million, Sony would get $15 million and Universal would get $10 million. (Read More)

Drake Earns Another Historic Billboard Honor

By Patrick Montes

With 2016 coming to a close, Drake has racked up yet another historic achievement. As Billboard reports, the chart success of Drake’s feature on the recent Gucci Mane single “Both” has allowed the Canadian superstar to tie Lil Wayne’s record for the most Hot 100 entries of any solo artist. Both Weezy and Drake can now count 132 of their contributions among the Hot 100′s half-century-plus history. The honor comes as a fitting conclusion to one of Drake’s most successful years yet, with the body of work that saw his 2016 LP VIEWS producing a mountain of records for the 30-year-old rapper. Besides Drake and Lil Wayne, other contemporaries such as Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Chris Brown and Taylor Swift also round out the list of artists with most Hot 100 appearances. Besides this new achievement, Drake recently earned another record thanks to his success on Spotify. (Read More)