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NOV 26, 2014

Jay Rock - | p. traktrain/smokeygotbeatz

Eminem - Guts Over Fear | p. Emile Haynie

P On The Boards | A$AP Twelvyy - Glock Rivers

Devour - Ain't A Fool [Prod. By Rellim]

Bones - USB | p. ilyt
Looks Like Drake Is Opening A Physical OVO Store
17 hours ago
Over the past couple of years, Drake has set a new bar for merch in a big way with his lifestyle brand October’s Very Own. The brand has set up numerous pop-ups, created the perfect varsity jacket with Roots, and even managed to improve upon Air Jordans—not an easy feat. Now, Drake’s label-turned-merch line is taking the next step: bringing all of their offerings into a permanent IRL space.

Over the weekend, Drake teased the first look at the first OVO shop, which, by the way, doesn’t take the title “brick-and-mortar store” lightly. Judging by his Instagram, OVO’s offerings will be housed in a modern dark-hued brick building with large glass windows and a gold owl as its signage. “Proud of my guy @oliverelkhatib OVO Store opening soon. #6Side,”​ Drake captioned his photo, referring to Oliver El Khatib, the creative head of OVO. (Read More)

Kanye West Travels To China To Work On Yeezy's
1 day ago
TMZ caught Kanye at the airport and he says he's travelling to China to work on his collaboration with Adidas.

TMZ’s latest run-in with Kanye West didn’t end in a scuffle as his previous confrontations with photographers have, and when asked about his travel plans, Kanye revealed that he’s travelling to China to work on his next sneaker release.

After being peppered with questions about his next project, his reaction to Kim Kardashian’s nude magazine spread, and more, a paparazzo asked the emcee/producer what’s behind his trip to Asia as he walked through the airport.

by JAY BALFOUR (Read More)

Don’t Miss The Insights From Lil B’s MIT Lecture
2 days ago
After giving a lecture at New York University in 2012, Lil B returned to the academic circuit where he visited the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a lecture and Q&A session. The point of discussions included photosynthesis, Tinder, the Based God's Curse, working with YouTube, and much more. The good folks at The FADER pubished the full transcript of the talk. Here are some select highlights from the transcript:

On Kevin Durant and the Based God Curse

I want to say, to answer your question: yes, I do love Kevin Durant, and I appreciate him, and I appreciate the NBA. ["Would you lift the curse if Kevin Durant came to D.C.?"] If Kevin Durant came to D.C., would I lift the curse? Well, does Boston love D.C.? [Awkward applause] OK, so I didn't just say something stupid. Everybody was looking at me like—I was thinking I said something wrong! But no, if he came to D.C…I would…uhhh…you know, me and Kevin—me and Kevin got a game to play. Once Kevin is off his injury from the Based God's curse. I pray for the Thunder team, I pray for them.

On Tinder

"Tinder is a new company, but you see with technology, how this is transcending. From Tinder to creating cars. Tinder might be making that next car. I'm so excited about the technology. Maybe Tinder wasn't the right example."

On positivity in the workforce

“Less opinion, more perspective.” What I mean by that is, sometimes I feel like an opinion is more ego driven. We’re protecting the outer. We work hard, and it’s a lot of mental things that go into working hard as well as training yourself, as all the beautiful people in here future scientists, engineers, programmers, all that. People I might be working for. The code of ethics in your job and where you work, the company you may create, or if you work for somebody, make sure you bring that love, and bring that positivity. Making sure you come and understand that we’re in this together. Even if we’re not, we need to learn, and learn to figure out ways to understand. Look at everybody and say “I’m the receiver.” I’m here to decipher the information, and decipher what they say. Not to say, “Hey, you spelled that wrong,” but maybe ask them. It’s all about the way you say it. (Read More)

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