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OCT 30, 2014

Kid Ink feat. Usher & Tinashe - Body Language

Low Pros - 100 Bottles ft. Travi$ Scott

Girl Talk and Freeway feat A$AP Ferg - Suicide

TĀLĀ - Alchemy

Childish Gambino - Telegraph Ave
Kanye West turns down $4.5 million Las Vegas payday: report
1 day ago
Kanye West nixed a deal to make $4.5 million for just nine shows at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, TMZ reports.

The offer — three shows a week for three weeks, at $500,000-a-pop — would have made West the highest-paid entertainer on the Las Vegas strip, besting Celine Dion's rate of $476,000 per appearance.

Sin City promoters' alleged bid to land the 37-year-old rapper for a brief run at the Axis at Planet Hollywood follows reports that Jennifer Lopez was in the final stages of inking a deal for her own residency there.


Drake Angrily Throws Thousands Of Dollars At Nightclub Security
3 days ago
Drake throws thousands of dollars in cash at a nightclub bouncer before he storms past him into the club.

Drake celebrated his birthday over the weekend and blew a lot of cash, but not in the way one would imagine.

The Toronto native rang in another year of living at Club Stadium in Washington D.C. Saturday night (early Sunday morning) and in a bizarre turn of events, made it rain on the bouncers.

According to video obtained by TMZ, the Young Money rapper is seen briskly walking up to the nightclub after he reportedly left, threw money at a member of the club's security and stormed past them. Multiple bouncers then went after Drake. There is no word yet on why Drake made the decisions he made. TMZ also reported that someone may have punched a member of Drake's entourage inside of the club, which may have triggered his anger. The incident comes only hours after the rapper released three new songs via his website.

Nightclub incidents are not something new to Drizzy. Back in 2012, Drake and Chris Brown famously brawled at W.i.P. at Greenhouse in New York City. Both were sued by the nightclub and both sued each other in the aftermath. The two have since made up.
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3 days ago
Inside a cavernous space at the Record Plant recording studio in Hollywood, Chad Hugo is taking jump shots on an above-regulation-size hoop. He’s missing every one, but he couldn’t appear more relaxed. He takes off his button-down shirt, tie, and beanie to reveal a Tupac shirt. I tell him that today is the 18th anniversary of the rap icon’s death. Hugo raises an eyebrow, takes his phone out, and corroborates by way of Google. He shakes his head in disbelief, not so much at the anniversary itself, but that he was so absentminded in the first place.

“I grabbed the first shirt I saw this morning,” he says quietly. “I guess we can thank Urban Outfitters for that.”

Behind the room’s glass window sits a mixing board. Behind that, The Wrestlers, an electronic duo from Houston whose upcoming project Hugo is executive producing, are banging club beats. Between baskets, Hugo hears the music. He glances up at the ceiling, nodding along, and sinks his first basket.

“It took ten shots, but I’m glad it finally went in,” he says, flashing a smirk.

The producer points beyond the wall and says, “The summer of 2001, man, we had so much going in here. We had Snoop in this room that’s no longer a room, Nelly in another, and I can’t remember who the other one was. But it was non-stop.”

Hugo’s familiarity with the famed studio goes back over a decade. It is the site of many of his and longtime production partner Pharrell Williams’s greatest hits. This place is one of the main reasons he leaves the comfort of his Virginia home, where he resides with his family, to head westward.

Noisey: What’s your involvement with The Wrestlers? Is it just supervising and handling the usual executive producer duties?
Chad Hugo: I’m here on-site if they need me. Today, I met Alesso and his crew, who are here working on some stuff. I remember seeing them in Manila and having a good time. These guys (The Wrestlers) are just on their grind. They represent Houston. It’s funny because people used to represent back in the day. Like, “We’re reppin’ Hollis, Queens,” and Missy Elliott from around my way would rep P-town (Portsmouth, VA). I was born at a naval hospital there, so I rep P-town. So, they’re reppin’ Tex-Mex, barbecue, Beyoncé, and Slim Thugga. And I’m down with that.

Between your work with Earl Sweatshirt, The Internet, and such, you’ve been staying busy.
All sorts of stuff. I’ve been DJing with my boy Daniel Biltmore from Baltimore as MSSLCMMND. Shout out to them. We put out some mixtapes and spinning some things. We went troubadour-style on everyone for a minute.

What about Pharrell? Do you guys still do stuff together?
Pharrell and I are friends, and I’m a fan of his music. We were actually onstage, at the NBA All-Star Game and in our hometown in Virginia Beach. We rocked a show for the local radio station. Mad people came out, you know, a lot of people in a lawn area cheering us on. So, that was a N.E.R.D. reunion performance. My daughter, who’s 14, was there doing a two-step, and I was worried about her. They’re fans of the music and know all the words.

It’s got to be crazy that your kids are as old as your biggest hits.
It is. It’s a changing world, and you can’t be suspended in time looking back. But, when you play a song, hopefully you make it a classic. Music is a time warp, it’s its own time machine. That movie Back to the Future, it was a DeLorean. Over here, it’s a MP3. Vinyl if you’re lucky. (Read More)

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