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OCT 31, 2014

Kid Ink feat. Usher & Tinashe - Body Language

Low Pros - 100 Bottles ft. Travi$ Scott

Girl Talk and Freeway feat A$AP Ferg - Suicide

TĀLĀ - Alchemy

Childish Gambino - Telegraph Ave
Dom Kennedy’s Follow Up Album Coming Soon
3 hours ago
It’s been a year since L.A.’s Dom Kennedy dropped his well-received LP, Get Home Safely, and in a recent interview with HNHH, the OPM rapper says his long-awaited follow up is coming soon. Even before going on tour earlier this year, Dom says he’s been making new music and prepping for his next project. And though he hasn’t organized it’s release schedule, he told HNHH, “It’s going to be straight to the point like, ‘this is what it is, this is when you going to be able to get it, and here goes a preview.” Straight to the point or not, we’ll keep you updated when further details or music is released.

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Kanye West makes surprise appearance at hip-hop open mic in Jersey City
1 day ago
Several amateur rappers were in for a special treat last night when Kanye West made a surprise appearance at an open mic in Jersey City.

Rolling solo without wife Kim Kardashian, the international rap star dropped into The Dopeness, a Mexican restaurant in Downtown Jersey City, for its monthly Wolf Juice hip-hop open mic showcase. Yeezy made his entrance just before the event began, getting everyone in the packed house talking all night.

West came to see amateur rapper Jahmila Sandifer, 17, better known as Jay Hype, make her showcase debut. Sandifer, who is reportedly the daughter of a close friend of West's and regards him as an uncle, says he surprised her at the curated open mic.

"It happened so fast and everyone was in shock," said restaurant owner Jon Scanlon. "It was a 15-minute thing. I walked him to the back, he used the restroom. He came and gave her a big hug and a kiss, watched her perform, and he was out."

Earl "Ego" Davis, who runs the event with DJ Mega Mission and Lana Sez, says Sandifer was nervous at first, but ended up delivering a strong performance.

"When he came, she stepped up to the plate and was phenomenal," said Davis. "It's just awesome that the universe was aligned right. And for this girl to choose to perform for us? It's a testament to the power of our culture. There is something special happening here."

Sandifer says she was coincidentally performing "K.O.W." (Kanye Omari West's initials) and was nervous since West had never seen her perform live before. After the show, however, he texted her father referring to her affectionately, saying, "Baby LeBron killed it."

"Kanye is a very, very big idol in my life and I try to incorporate the stuff he does into my work," said Sandifer, who raps about self-esteem and relationships and puts emphasis on her energy and flow. "He gives me pointers and I take it very seriously...his opinion is always in the back of my mind."

Scanlon said West, who was escorted by two bouncers, may have come solely to see Sandifer, but his visit electrified everyone at the show.

"It really set the tone and everyone had a Kool-Aid smile on their face," said Scanlon, a longtime Yeezy fan. "Nobody expected it, that a world-renowed rapper shows up out of nowhere. It totally hyped up the crowd for the night and it probably enhanced everyone's performance. He gave everybody life."

Davis, who called the rapper "one of the biggest artists since Michael Jackson" and says his debut "The College Dropout" even "changed his life," adds that West wasn't the obnoxious guy some make him out to be.

"He talked to people and gave us smiles and head nods. And he kind of knows who he is, I guess, so he kept an 'It's OK, calm down, it's really me' face on," said Davis with a chuckle. "He showed so much respect to the culture and looked really comfortable."

West even reportedly joked with Scanlon's wife, Deanna Maldonado, who was eating dinner while running the admissions table near the door.

"He gave her a pound in the beginning and when he left, she was behind the cash box eating and he joked, 'I'mma take your rice and beans,'" said Scanlon. "Everybody had their own little experience with him."

The Wolf Juice open mic is held on the last Wednesday of every month at 9 p.m. at The Dopeness, 332 Second St., Jersey City. The next event is Nov. 26. Admission is $7. BYOB. (Read More)

Kanye West turns down $4.5 million Las Vegas payday: report
2 days ago
Kanye West nixed a deal to make $4.5 million for just nine shows at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, TMZ reports.

The offer — three shows a week for three weeks, at $500,000-a-pop — would have made West the highest-paid entertainer on the Las Vegas strip, besting Celine Dion's rate of $476,000 per appearance.

Sin City promoters' alleged bid to land the 37-year-old rapper for a brief run at the Axis at Planet Hollywood follows reports that Jennifer Lopez was in the final stages of inking a deal for her own residency there.


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